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Seeing stars

So i have had it before where i move my head too quick. Stand up or bend over and i get loads of stars in my eyes ! Like silver sparkly dots all rushing forward ! My vision doesnt change and only lasts about 10 seconds. Sometimes my head gets pressure and i feel like i will pass out. This just happened again but inwasnt doing anything i was just standing still. Now this has made me very anxious !

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I get that alot, even when I cough or sneeze I see the little white stars. freaks me out but eye dr says everything is fine, so I'm just going with it :)

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I deal with that fairly often, the one I hate is when it hits so hard it almost feels like someone pressing on you eyes. Anyhow

Sinus pressure behind they eyes can cause the silver dots. Dehydration, low potassium can also contribute and your blood pressure bouncing from standing or sitting up to fast.

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