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Anxiety causing problems in relationships

Having abit of a rant here. Anxiety is causing so much tension between me and my partner. I've been at home all day. He comes home and said he is still not feeling well. Hasn't been for the last few days. He h has a lot on his plate right now, due to taking extra responsibilities due to my anxiety so needs to look after his health.

I suggested yesterday night he should take the day off of he is still feeling rough today, he doesn't. As won't take a day off sick unless he is literally unable to get up so ends up running himself into the ground and making things worse.

I said are you must going to keep going in until you collapse. He said yes and is pissed off with me for saying this. He says I'm constantly getting at him. Goes off with dig for an hour. Now there is a lot of tension. He is pissed off so am I.

I'm just fed up with anxiety causing all this conflict I am newly married . I don't know how to deal with this, advice please?

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