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Distracting yourself through panic


I wanted to probably write a funny yet relatable post. Ok so I’ll break it down lol I was experiencing indigestion. And a side note I always eat fruit for breakfast as it helps with my biles , I get good nutrients too. I also want to point out the post I made on “Anxiety and the gut” as I think what I went thru in the bathroom and after , relates to this. Ok so I’m sitting down getting ready for the day , ( have to run errands and get hair done well before I get off holiday break and go to wrk ) and I felt very anxious . Very. I was grinding my teeth a lot , too...also had some congestion . Ok so I’m ignoring it and like getting dressed and wanting to put on my makeup plus heat up breakfast ( I mutil task way too much , I blame city life ) ANYWAYS lol I get so anxious and I’m like hyperventilating , I throw on my jacket and scarf and tell my mom to come on. ( I’m staying with her for the holidays) ok so yeah I get anxious but then like I’m panicky , all the while another family situation comes up and I have to take my mom to the clinic for my grandma . I’m trying to keep my mom calm , then I had time to sit . I’m still tense and my thoughts are all confused , I try to distract myself and threw my phone in frustration because i couldn’t focus AT ALL . I get my elders downstairs and we get ready to drive to the clinic. In that little window of free time I had to sit down I went to the bathroom. I had a bile movement . I come outside with my breakfast and NOW....I feel fine lol it’s like i feel drunk . all that energy I used panicky now I feel all hungover :/ I only thought it was SO comical that I tried to focus through all of that lmao and that whole time , my solution was going to the bathroom. I forget I can also feel anxious when I’m constipated or I go through PMS/cycle ( my fellow anxious ladies I know you all can relate lol this is literal torture) Anyways , figured I’d write a somewhat light-hearted post. I gotta laugh at this sometimes lol . But it gets hard to distract yourself and focus through a panic attack ...I’m thinking maybe I should let the anxious feelings flow and ride the wave til the water gets calm ...🙊😊😊

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:) im sure i read somewhere that having a bowel movement can ease panic lol

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