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I worry 24-7 about animals


I have always stressed about innocent animals. but laty it's gotten so much worse. I started off with one cat who I adopted 14 years ago. but then I noticed all the strays in my neighborhood who look for food. I started putting food out.. then one by one they end up in my house.. I now have8 cats living with me..

my neighbors hate cats, even leaving poison out, well one of my cats gets out and roams around, but always comes back in a few hours, a month ago I waited up all night, at 3:30 am I called for him again, and found him in the food house on the porch with a 20LB. animal trap attached to his paw. it broke my heart. he dragged that thing all the way home.. people are killing cats in my neighborhood..

Silver is ok. I got the trap off, and took him to the vet that morning, amazingly no bones broken..

but the thought of other innocent animals being caught in one of those traps bothers me so much, I think of animals being tortured. I just wish my thoughts would stop.. it'

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It won't stop until you do something about it...who has put out these traps? ..

Rachelcaxx in reply to ellinaki

No it won't I agree she needs to call someone if nothing can be done take in to your own hands but a least give her a nice message .. 😀

ellinaki in reply to Rachelcaxx

She needs to get the message with what's happening...anyway, tell your vet what is happening maybe he can give you some advice who to call..maybe also raise it with the council or even the police..The message has been brought to your attention cause you care, just like we come on here to ask for help..the cats have come to you for help...we are all here to help each other..help the cats for your comfort..

Ddonna65 in reply to ellinaki

my husband followed the drag marks to the house across the street. he approached the woman who claims "well I didnt do it, but we have a cat problem around here" she was very rude. we called the game control whi came to our house and took the trap, they said was an illegal trap with no identification on it.. these people hate stray cats, they leave poison out for them, and traps which my cat was caught up in.. poor baby dragged that thing all the way back home. I don't know what to do. I noticed several strays missing over the past year, I fear they were caught in a trap and suffered and dief.. it's killing my heart..

Omg that's awful where are you from surely he can't do that and can get in trouble for putting traps out 😡 I think with you rescuing cats it's more of an addiction a need to feel loved by theses little fluffy fur balls and also makes us feel so better that we can care for someone and that we do have a heart even if we have anxiety mh etc .. I have a good few animals myself x

im in pa. people dont care around where i live.. i feel as if its my responsibility to care for them. they wait for me to feed them.. now i brought a new kitten in that will make 9. i cant do tbis alone. i called some lady once from animal control to take a kitten , she said she would get it fixed and had a forever home for it. I gaved her 100$ donation. a month later I seen the kitty on my porch, it looked pregnant, I know it was her, I know all these cats.. it's sad

Donna, there are laws against animal cruelty so I would go to the police and complain specially as that trap was illegal, tell them about the drag marks leading from a neighbouring home, make a nuisance of yourself, keep contacting the police until they do something like going house to house asking if people know anything about the trap and the poison as these things are illegal.

I presume as you're on this forum you experience anxiety, we all dislike cruelty to animals but anxiety can magnify small normal concerns into huge major worries and I think this may apply to you. You cannot go on taking in every stray cat in the neighbourhood, there must be a U.S. charity you could hand them over to for adoption when they turn up without the 100$ fee.

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