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Upped Citalopram dose..Feel awful

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So yesterday I finally plucked up the courage to up my Citalopram. My doctor knows my fears of taking tablets so suggested going to 15 mg by buying a pill cutter and cutting a 10mg in half to take along with my usual 10mg dose just for a week before going up to 20mg. Took the new dose before bed and as usual started having an anxiety attack and fell asleep (eventually) feeling awful..Woke up this morning and my god I feel horrendous.Can’t even get out of bed I feel so weak and exhauted. It’s now 3:15pm and I’m still here in bed slept on and off all day and only getting up to go to the bathroom, feel so unsteady on my feet like i’m really drunk. Family members have had to do my school runs today just can’t pull myself together. I don’t know if this is because of the upped dose or the hightened state of anxiety I fell asleep with last night I just feel like the life has been sucked out of me today 😞

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I was on celexa 10mg for 8 days then upped to 20mg for almost two months and I lost it,, dr switched me to prozac start 10mg for a week then up to 20mg after again I lost it,, so now im back to 10mg of prozac, so far so good still have my moments but im wondering if im just sensitive to higher doses or if it was upped to soon for me.. everyone is different my sister did great with upping hers. feel better soon.

hi thanx for the reply. Sounds like you could be sensitive to higher doses.I used to be on sertraline 150mg quite a high dose and I done well on those for years then suddenly they stopped helping me and I ended up back in this black hole. I’ve also been on prozac 20mg and the same happened maybes my body just became immune to them after being on them so long.Hopefully once I get my dosage right I can start these side effects will wear of and I will start feeling better again.

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