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Heart palpitations


I suffer woth heart palpitations all drs have said is anxiety however today i experienced something different and scary. I had heart palpitations that were really big and lasted about 20!seconds they were constant and didnt stop. This made me feel like i was going tonpass out and everything around me went fuzzy and stange. Has anyone had that

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Hi Hollieedridge,

This is the best explanation I have found to discuss whether it is heart palpatations or something else. There is even a newsletter you can sign up to.


Thanks blackcat for including that website. I just took a look at it as well as took the quiz on A-Fib (which I have) . Take care x

You're welcome

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I have no idea ive just been told i have palpitations from anxiety

Every day i woke up i feel my heart pounding so hard it will last a long time that will not let me go back to sleep. Sometimes i woke up at 4 am with palpitations and cannot go back to sleep.

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I'm the same. I feel it all day and night

I had heart palpitations for a week and they kept coming and going all day every day and most of the time they lasted for a few minutes. I was so scared.

It just didnt stop my heart had constant palpitations i went extremely dizzy and confused im just so scared

Oh dear I think I would of been scared too. Have you been to your doctors and told them? Id be going and getting checked out.

Yes ive been so many times. I had to call an ambulance last night. They said its probably citalopram making me worse but im not convinced

It could be your medication maybe get a review

Yh i have drs tomorow x

Goodluck I hope you get some answers X

Thank you x

I get that too sometimes u experience the palpitations (which can be stressed related) and after u get it then become panicky which can cause the dizziness..I play a lot of sports and mid game I would feel it which scared me more and I would get weak legs but I've had every test and my doc assured me I was fine ..I saw a therapist and I've actually been doing better and playing sports again..don't let it eat you up listen to your doctors and watch Claire weekes videos on YouTube hope that helps

Thanks. I get them normally but just have the odd one or two or they stay all day but arnt constant. This was constant palpitations for 30 seconds maybe without a notmal heartbeat. Surely thats not normal

Yes always dr says i have no heart problems but it sure feels like it

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