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Debilitating anxiety anyone?

Has anyone had anxiety and panic to the point you can't function?

3 weeks now I've felt chronically sick, shaky and random panic attacks. I've not been eating well due to the nausea either, I just graze all day. I'e bbecome very tired and feel too sick and sometimes too shaky legged to walk around. It s made me feel physically drained.

My stomach feels like it has a brick in it and I feel constant nausea. Anyone else? My stomach also sometimes feels tight like it's in a spasm and tight. Which makes my anxiety and nausea worse. I worry myself silly about my stomach feeling so heavy and tight and as I'm terrified of being sick I'm scared of it. I have my bowel popping too all the time and feelings I will dash to the toilet, it's like my whole digestive system is in over drive and to be honest it's making my anxiety worse as it scares me feeling so sick all day with little let up. When I get more anxious my stomach feels worse. I can't t win.

I just feel I wake in the morning after only 6 hours sleep with a doom in my stomach and nausea is there the minute I wake. Some days I can have a little hit of energy and potter about but then some days I'm weak and drained.

Hubby is being a star and looking after the house and kids after work and weekends so I can rest but I'm fed up of resting but feeling this sick and drained I cant do much else. Its making the anxiety worse waking daily unable to be the wife and mum I was. Plus feeling so sick my health anxiety runs will something serious is wrong with me or what if my electrolytes are low if I'm not eating much salty foods etc.. Argh anxiety.

Any reassurance? I feel so alone in this right now and my anxiety is running wild it's not just anxiety if I'm feeling so sick and drained.


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Hey Your not alone. I had this happen to me for 1 week and I felt lonely and I don't wana get out of bed, this will sound hard but the only way to feel better is to,get out and do things. Have fun! Just try,as hard as you can.

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Hey, yeah I’ve had involuntary body twitches and shakes all day on and off for weeks, think my stomach is the cause as it twitches,gargles and feels weird for the last month. I just say it’s another physical symptom of anxiety and can’t hurt me and try and ignore it as I always notice it gets worse when I think about it. Take care x

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Yes I’ve had it really bad since Feb this past year. I’m not in the clear yet, but it is not debilitating like it has been. I’m having some good days in between the bad now. You have to keep believing that you will get past it, and be able to enjoy life again.

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I feel this way a lot most of the time all the physical symptoms while trying to venture out of the house, I have agoraphobia. And I know how you feel when it comes to being a mom as I have had this for 6 yrs my daughter's whole life they miss out on a lot due to this I can't just run out and go for walks or to the park even their school functions it's heart breaking

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Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply to me. I really appreciate it. It helps to know im not alone. I'm very afraid right now this won't ever end and my stomach symptoms are terrifying me.

Thanks again for your support.



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