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I was highly anxious about meeting my friends today because I was worried about feeling nauseous,anxious and well,all sorts around them. But I’m glad I went on ahead. For the first time in months, I actually laughed until I was breathless. True and pure laughter. I had a good meal,didn’t even feel nauseos in the car and I felt fine throughout the day. Like how I was before anxiety caught me in a vice grip 😂

For us people who deal with anxiety on a daily basis,good days like these can be rare and few. Now I’m feeling a bit emotional because it made me realize how much things have changed in a span of few months. How I went from being cheerful, without a care in the world to someone who’s anxious over every little thing right now. I know there will still be bad days, sometimes even more than the good ones, but I suppose it can’t be helped.

Fight on 💪🏼

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keptainicandozatt, Thank you for sharing a positive and uplifting post. As much as we hesitate in taking that step forward out of our comfort zone, it usually does end up being the best thing we could do. I'm glad you had a great time and laughed. Your Endorphin levels were flying high, you needed that, we all do. :)

It's okay to feel emotional When we have good times, we realize how much anxiety has taken away from us. But if you could do it once in proving to yourself that you can beat this, you can do it again and again. Accepting that it will not harm you to take that step forward. The bad days will dwindle as the good days take over. Embrace each success and focus on that and continue going forward. xx

Thank you so much. I’m still a bit emotional and I woke up feeling anxious because I had back pain suddenly. I’m up and about and trying to forget about it and just focusing on the fact that the pain isn’t limiting my movements yet. I’m definitely looking forward to the good days.Makes me feel like the bad days definitely won’t last (even if there are more of those).

I'm so happy you had a great time!!

Thank you so much!!!It’s been so long since I had that much fun!

I ended up going out last night was doing great I had a few na beers bar was pretty busy, it started getting fuller and I got claustrophobic feeling and had to go sit in my car had fun though!

At least you got some beers in!! Glad you went out and had fun!! Yay us 💪🏼

Right!! We're pretty amazing!!

Wish there could be more days like this,but I’ll take what I can get hahahha

For sure I honestly came home did like a touchdown dance cause I might not have closed the bar down but it was a huge step for me!!😀

It’s these steps that are important.As long as it makes us feel good!That we’re still capable of feeling like this!

Exactly!! Excited for more good times!

Well done you .

I've been in your situation and with being strong and not letting anxiety stop me doing what I want to do I now have very few anxiety attacks .

Stand up to anxiety , except it if its present but carry on doing what you want to do and anxiety will get less and less , even when it returns it won't stop you xx

Thank you so much :) My panic attacks are few these days.It’s just the physical symptoms that gets to me a lot. I try not to let it get me down since I need to go about my daily life. It’s a tough battle being us 😂

It sure can be difficult at times dealing with anxiety but don't let it rule you .

I have never had panic , up to now , where I feel I'm having an heart attack but have had , on many occasions , a fear feeling

that's over whelming and my body becomes very heavy , especially my legs where it seems hard to even walk .

I have learnt to carry on regardless and now these sensations are easier to deal with when they return .

I've also had teeth sensations /, like a pressure / burning feeling which I couldn't deal with at all but now when they come it is easier .

What physically feelings do you experience ? X

My first symptom was tightness in my chest/difficulty pulling in a breath.I had an ECG done, all was good,doctor recommended for me to lose some weight.I’ve lost around 22 pounds but funnily enough,I feel like I’m even more in pain after losing weight.

I get anxiety symptoms like back pain,arm pain and a fleeting chest pain (I hate this the most). It makes me feel like I’m going to have a heart attack and I get crazy anxious and scared.There are days when I can successfully ignore it,but there are days where it consumes me.

Not had chest pain myself but know a few people that have and had examinations , nothing abnormal found in any cases and put down to anxiety ,once you have been examined and nothing found you must try and be positive and tell yourself it's anxiety , easier said then done but the way forward .

Symptoms. can take a long time to leave us , but try and not let it fear you then things will slowly subside xxx

well done on such a positive situation and for sharing it

I understand completely - I often get really upset at the fact I don't go out in the evening as much or drink with my friends as much - or see my friends as much before realising that this is half to do with my anxiety and also half to do with as we grow we sometimes change the things we like doing and realised that its not always to do with my anxiety, maybe I just don't like going out late in evenings,

In terms of worrying about what will happen this is something that is still happening to me, I'll often go on a train and think oh god what if i feel sick or oh god with if i have intense feeling of anxiety and the way im dealing with this at the moment is making sure i put myself in them situations and think so what, so what if im sick? so what if i feel anxious? and after each situation i tell myself what happened? did i die? what was the worse? this as we all know isn't always easy and it takes a lot for us to actually believe it

im so glad you had a happy day and i hope you can take this forward and help yourself realise that we can go out and enjoy ourselves and no matter what, stay positive, well done, be proud!

Thank you! I used to love hanging out with my friends. But then when I started having anxiety, I started feeling nervous around them. I always think, “How do I explain it to them if I feel sick suddenly? Or if I get chest pains?”

My physical symptoms affect me a lot and they’re mosty the trigger for my anxiety. I’m worried about getting on the train,travelling in a car...every little pain sets me off. And also my fear of death is the root cause of my anxiety I guess. But thank you so much for your words of motivation! It makes me feel really good :

Fight on? That's the worst thing you can do if you have anxiety, fighting means more strain and tension and that's not what your nervous system needs. Instead you should surrender to the symptoms fir the time being, coexist with them and ACCEPT them. This way you produce less fear hormone and your sensitive nerves will recover. So accept the symptoms don't fight them. The more you learn to accept them the sooner you will be free of them, that's the way it works.

You seem to be waiting for your anxiety disorder to go away of its own accord, highly unlikely in my observation, I suggest you need a self help recovery plan that you take charge of in addition to any help you're receiving from meds, your doctor or therapists. You can recover, you will recover, but you must take control of the cure process.


Good for you☺💪💪👍👊

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