why cant i accept this is all anxiety

so i've been to doctors, er, etc for weak arms like their not attached. heavy head shoulders, pins and needles, you name it etc, every test has come back normal so why cant i just accept it and forget about it?


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  • I know its tough, but you have to find a way to accept it. Sometimes you can give it a name.. like something silly and accept that is "around" again. If you don't give it the power it will not overwhelm you. I am talking from experience. You have to accept it, emprace it and realize there is nothing wrong with you having anxiety. The more you fight it or try and say you don't feel normal-- the more it will bother you. I want you to try and laugh it off-- name it...be little its power. Even if this seems silly...

  • thats exactly what I do is fight it, especially right now at work as im typing i know i have strength in my arms to type this but yet they feel weak and floppy if that makes sense

  • I know I’m the same I have days where I accept it and then others I am a complete mess like being hormonal after coming off my period and I’m everywhere this last week. Convinced I’m dying of cancer or heart disease. Anxiety through the roof keep wanting to go back to doctors after having all the tests and they say I’m fine.

  • yes, just came off mine also, plus almost 40 think the change is near so add that to it, and dr upped my prozac to 20mg so im all over the place and head in the clouds all the time. ugh

  • For me, it's certain triggers that I can't get over. Most of them I've concurred now; but, each trigger has to be focused on before I can tame it. Like my stomach muscle pain, that one was hard to tame and apparently the most malicious for me.

  • yep my trigger are these arms, if they felt normal i wouldnt be tense and i wouldnt be stressed

  • Your nervous system has just been so sensitized from stress or from medication adjustment, it's probably gonna take some time to rid yourself of all these strange feelings. I went through it years ago went my daughter was born and I got very little sleep and Dr prescribed Ativan for stress. I came off of it and couldn't even feel my legs along with many other bizarre symptoms. Hang in there and things will get better.😀

  • I feel like im all over the place with emotions and symptomns and it does make sense cause i've been through alot in two months, three different meds, getting off them and on new ones, so its just hard to concentrate, i've had this years ago in my early 20's but just feels so different this time.

  • I am getting off mirtazipine so my anxiety is awful.

  • Why you getting off?

  • I took it for 3 months and it didn't work as good as paxil. It really wasn't effective. Just increased my appetite.

  • Mpa5524, other than increasing the Prozac what self help techniques are you persuing to help yourself recover? I second guynfl2chat's posting about how important it is to stop fighting your anxiety.

  • i just meditated at my desk, i must admit i dont meditate often and my dr always yells at me saying it takes practice lol, i think im just so impatient and rushing all of this that i'm actually making it worse.

  • I just keep my life as normal as possible. It wouldn't be so bad if I could feel pleasure when I do enjoyable thing. Since going back on paxil,(3mo. So far) I've had some improvement in pleasure but not like my old self yet. It is a little better though.

  • Meditating is good because whilst you're meditating you're not scaring yourself by worrying and fighting your symptoms of anxiety. Guynfl2chat made a good point in his posting when he said "you have to accept it, embrace it and realise there's nothing wrong with your having anxiety. The more you fight it...the more it will bother you." What this means is that the more you accept the symptoms of anxiety then the sooner you will be free of anxiety.

    Autumnthebrat2 makes the point that "your nervous system is just so sensitised from stress." This is right, this is how anxiety works. Your over sensitised nerves are causing all your symptoms of anxiety. But your symptoms of anxiety are causing fear and fear is what keeps your nerves sensitised.

    So the object is to break the cycle of symptoms causing fear causing more symptoms ad infinitum. This is where acceptance comes in. Acceptance means not fighting, coexisting with your anxiety for the time being. Whilst you are accepting and not fighting you stop producing the fear that keeps your nerves over sensitive. Eventually your nervous system returns to normal and you recover. Life is sweet once again.

    This method of escaping from anxiety by accepting it (for the time being) is nothing new, it's been around for over 50 years and in that time it has helped tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of people to recover.

    As you may know, this acceptance method was first set out by Claire Weekes in her book 'Self help for your nerves' also called 'Hope and help for your nerves' in the U.S. Many people find the book reassuring and that it ends their bewilderment. But it's no good stopping there, people need to practice her four imperitives of Face - Accept - Float - And let time pass. And practice them with persistance, not giving up when it gets difficult or results are gradual in coming.

    In a manner of speaking, Acceptance means victory without war.

  • thank you all so much for your replies, and that is the one problem I have is what and how to accept it. i'll say to myself eh whatever if you pass out then you do, then the next minute im freakin out lol I can win.

  • I'm the same way. Sometime I can do that and it works and other time it doesn't give me peace.

  • Thx for the help. It's hard to accept bcs if I always feel if I don't fight it I'm going to go over the edge (crazy) and not come back to myself. I hope that I can eventually accept it so that I can go on. The not experience much pleasure is more horrible than the anxiety. Ugh

  • I so get what you mean. With me the anxiety I can deal with its all the symptoms and sensations that make it worse

  • Try just noting the feeling and go with it rather than fight it and keep questioning yourself why you feel like it. Easier said than done I know but eventually when you don’t fight it it will go. I find that it cures one problem then finds another weakness in your body to attack. I’ve got pains in my Arm and chest that comes and goes had all the test ECG etc and everything is fine. I’m hoping once I beat this feeling there can’t be much more I can challenge, believe me over the last year I have every symptom you can imagine and I’m still alive! Lol. I’m sure you will find a way around this, maybe when you worry about something else lol. Good luck 😉

  • Thanks so much for your reply. Believe me I honestly try to think about something else other than my health and it never works it draws me right back. One day it'll be my arms the next day it'll be my legs then back to my arms it just goes on and on and on but I keep pushing through. Thanks again. Missie :)

  • That’s the monster it is, it just consumes you. For some it’s the thought that triggers the anxiety but for me it’s the physical feeling first then my thoughts just feed it. Hang in there. Have you tried CBT?

  • Yes exactly. I get the physical symptoms then boom my mind won't stop and before I know it my whole body is tense and shaking. I see a counselor who did help and it was like the minute she said ok you are doing really well we can do continue when you think you need it. Well it all came back lol next will be the cbt I keep hearing about

  • I had CBT on the NHS, I was doing really well, after 7 sessions they released me back in to the wild! Lol after a few weeks I relapsed after another family illness. I now go private and rather than just let you go when your on the right track and making progress they continue to support you. I still go but once every few weeks, think the reassurance Helps. You think you have cracked it then boom! Lol

  • And to think how different I was a few months ago to now. Oye. It is very frustrating and deliberating at times but whataya gonna do other then keep pushing through. What is NHS if you don't mind me asking

  • National Health Service (NHS) you forget what it feels like to feel normal, people who know me can’t believe I suffer with this, on the outside I’m still smiling and hide it very well, on the inside you know yourself how it feels. I will beat this, I refuse to give up. I’ve signed up to headspace on line that’s about meditation but sends me to sleep! Lol. have a look might help you. Worth a try 👍

  • What da go. Keep fighting👍. I'm the same way. I smile but inside I'm suffering. My husband and son and a few friends have seen me unravel though. A few friends too. It's embarrassing.

  • Way da go I mean😀💪👍

  • 🤣😂💪👊

  • This is my story too, if not arms, then are my legs :( Does your arms hurt when you touch them, is it muscle or bones, i cannot figure out, something more to worry about!?

  • Its muscle. All tension

  • I don't ever go to the doctor I know it's my anxiety but I've accepted that but when I'm starting to feel an attack it doesn't go away by saying it's anxiety it will go away.. I've tried I've tried deep breathing just about everything even though I've accepted it i take it with me if I get to the panic attack it's done .. It's so hard to fight through it because most of the time I've tried it wins I've passed out in public restrooms yuck!! I've blacked out and fell down stairs it's terrifying

  • I read all the posts above mine. I think we all agree Anxiety can be overwhelming! Some days its just feels like the worst thing ever.. BUT.. we can manage it better. Dont ignore it.. accept it.. allows the symptoms to come through. Yes, sometimes they feel awful.. we can all agree on that , but they will pass. I am strong believer in medication when necessary.. if you have a headache-- do you take take a pill? Its sort of the same idea. Dont over medicate, but get to know your triggers and work on managing the sensations. You have to accept that somedays it will be nosier and somedays you will feel a sense of relief. I am really happy to say that this works for me and you have to believe it. The bigger struggle with anxiety is ourselves. If you look at your postings and focus on the negatives-- you will understand how your thought process is causing the symptoms. It takes time, but positive thinking and management can help. I have had anxiety almost my hole life and it did get worse about two years ago, but I can tell you that I am feeling much better in the last 6 months.

  • So many useful comments,thank you all. I don't THINK I feel anxious or stressed but after endless stomach tests I know that it is anxiety that is making me ill. I feel waves of nausea most days and try to float through it (Dr. Claire Weekes) Have read all the books, had CBT and meditate at least twice a day. The symptoms make me anxious that I am not going to cope through the day. I am volunteering in Asia and am concerned that the nausea will prevent me from teaching and socialising with colleagues. It is obvious I am not feeling well but try to go out and be good company.... difficult.

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