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It Feels as Though my Body is Moving

Hey everyone, it has been a few months since I have posted. I have been suffering from anxiety with a main focus on derealization. I have been on Citalopram 20mg (every night) and ClonezePam .5mg (as needed). While overall I have seen improvement and have not used the as needed pill for 10 days (a new record) within the past few weeks I have had worry and discomfort with a specific feeling.

It often feels as though my body is moving. It is mainly noticeable when I am sitting still in a chair or laying down in bed when my mind is not occupied with another task. Sometimes my eyes also feel like they're moving involuntarily as well, as to adjust for the 'movement hallucinations' of my body. But this feeling is very unpleasant; it makes me feel as though I am falling and as if my body is being twisted around, pulled and jostled when I am still. It is hard to articulate. I really am not sure what is causing this. I had this symptom a few weeks back, not as severe, and it actually went away for a little bit and returned. I am not sure whether this is anxiety related, another cause i.e. maybe a side effect of the medicine, or a completely different issue. Also notable is that when I am involved in a task, I don't have these feelings (is it because I am imagining/exaggerating this feeling in my mind and therefore don't experience it when my mind is elsewhere OR are the feelings real and I don't notice them because I'm occupied?). I have my next psychiatrist visit next week so I am going to mention it, but I just wanted to see if anyone else has had/is having similar experiences to put my mind at ease.

Also forgot to add that I saw a doctor last week to make sure this was not an ear problem. He said they looked fine and said it was maybe fluid in my ear. I got Zyrtec-D for it, but it has not made any impact.

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I have the same feeling now for about five months, some days are better than others and this feeling makes me nauseous. I take amytryptaline for it but I don’t exactly know how much it helps. I also usually get headaches with it and the symptoms may be from migraines. I hate this feeling so much, the only escape from it is sleeping. I feel like I am constantly swaying like on a boat.


I'm on 40 mg of citalopram sometimes I get restless leg but I sometimes feel like I'm shake but I hold my hands out and they don't move so I told my fiance it's on the inside like I'm shaking or crawling in my skin


I understand what you are going through. I have not had derealisation in a couple of months. However, I notice when I am at work and I am sitting down. My body feels as if it is about to tip over. Or if I am standing, I feel like my body is swaying back and forth. Our nerves really have a mind of their own... it controls the movement in our bodies. Our minds allow us to focus on these “movements” even when we are concentrating on another task. It is very troubling, but it cannot hurt us. We have to learn to let them pass and continue with what we are doing. I hope things get better you us both.❤️


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