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Bad Day

Hello all! I hope you’re all having a lovely day and are feeling happy and healthy!

Just wanted to come on here to vent a bit, I’m having a bad day! Well I’ve felt awful since Wednesday really, felt like I was going to pass out at work Wednesday night but I reminded myself that it’s only anxiety, it’s only temporary and accepted it and carried on as normal. Yesterday felt a bit better, felt awful before work but again accepted it and got through but today I feel the worst I have for a while! Had to cancel my therapy appointment this afternoon because I’m poorly and want to save my energy for work later. Just feel so sick, and I have hardly any energy in me but I know I just have to accept the feelings for what they are and get through, I have all weekend to recover anyway. I’m going in with the mindset of if something bad happens, it happens, avoiding a situation isn’t going to make a difference. Other than feeling absolutely rubbish recently, I feel proud for the progress I have made over the past month or so. Overall I’m doing well. Maybe my awful feeling is just another test for me to pass. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your day and have an amazing, anxiety free time 🙂

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