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Different life

Sometimes I wonder what I did in a past life to have gone through such a bad abusive marriage end up with ptsd anxiety now? My insecurities from my previous marriage sometimes carry over into my current relationship sometimes I might be over reacting but sometimes I know I'm not crazy or wrong or having anxiety for no reason. I hate having thoughts that my fiancé is lying or hiding something because of what my ex did. Not enough therapy in the world can make me feel better or trust more or believe more. How can I fix this?

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Hi tiffany1979, You are right in that no amount of therapy can reverse the feeling of not having trust or believe in your partner. It's a shame when a past experience continues to rule and ruin future relationships. It's not so much a matter of over reacting or imagining something going on, as it has to do with that is the only thing you know about being with someone you love. You need to think hard and long before starting out in marriage with your fiancé. The doubts you have will grow and the marriage will be doomed from the start.

I have always felt that there is nothing you can do to guarantee another person's commitment. So worrying about it will not change anything. Any relationship is about both people wanting to be where they are at. If not, it wasn't meant to be. As with anything else in life you can only control how you accept the situation. I hope you accept wisely the step you are about to take.

My best to you. Not every man is a "cookie cutter" example of someone else. Don't let a good man get away. xx

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