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Help, I'm freaking a little

I know I need to stay calm and that it'll pass, but I'm freaking. I've probably slept an hour, I went to bed with a starting cold or allergies, but I was congested so falling asleep was hard and now I woke up sweaty which scared me and my first thought when I opened my eyes was, am I nauseous, what if I am? And then that's when I started shaking, as I write I am shaking harder.

I will admit most of the time I get anxiety/panic attacks is because I'm afraid to feel sick which causes me to freak more. I think in the moment and I mentally scan when feels off and I realized I'm ok, but it's so hard to calm. I don't think I'm running a fever either, I don't feel warm. If you're reading this thank you for taking the time to reading and responding to my post

I wish you guys the best

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