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How to stop fighting anxiety which makes it worse the next time

Just learn to say SO WHAT and WHO CARES i promise it will help :) also just breathe during this process DONT THINK about your symptoms and you wont be anxious if you feel that first one come on IGNORE IT say SO WHAT my hands are sweaty SO WHAT my hearts beating fast SO WHAT people are gonna think in crazy WHO CARES what they are thinking or saying SO WHAT if i pass out ill wake up again SO WHAT AND WHO CARES works TRUST ME i used it today ill continue to use it GET COMFORTABLE WITH UNCOMFORTABLE thats how youll be able to get theough anxiety MOST CHANCES ARE IT WONT BE CURED it will be TOLERABLE! Thats better than livint in HELL

Thank you Jeff1943 for the WHO CARES part feel free to add more to it if youd like

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Hi kevoreally

I 100% agree with your post.

I came to a point to say I'm sick and tired of being sick, tired, anxious and afraid of dying.

I said panic and anxiety give it your best shot, I don't care.

I pushed the boundaries and saw that I did not die(with my doc's permission -sort of).

And slowly but surely the anxiety became less scary and less intense.

I do sometimes get it, but after the initial shock I get to my senses and start thinking right, and use mu "thoughtarrest technique"

Great post @kevoreally

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Yeah exacty we just gotta get comfortable with uncomfortable 😣 its so hard but if we do that we can get passed it but there is no true cure theres just tolerating anxiety :) glad your better than you used to be

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