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Feels like an up hill battle...

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So, its been a while since I posted on here. Last time I was new to the whole anxiety thing. now its been a while, and everything is atarting to take its toll. The worst part that I am dealing with right now is the insomnia. The anxiety is making my mind run at 100 mph as it is, but the lack if sleep is makinf it worse. The thoughts I am having now are not normal to me. Let me be very clear... I am not suicidal.... But the thoughts I am having lately are more fear of what is going to happen if I dont get better.... Am I going to be able to live with this. Another issue is that I hired a lawyer to help me with my work comp case, and I am regreting it now. I was told they would help me, but they are stressing me out more than I was before. If anyone has any words of advise for me they are greatly appreciated. if nothing else, maybe just saying it out loud will make me feel better.

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Fear about your future situation is a usual symptom of anxiety. Losing sleep because you're worked up about how distressing your future looks is another symptom. I've suffered with both of these a lot in the recent past. Nowadays I just keep reminding myself that it's impossible to know the future so worrying about next week is a waste of energy. I'm taking 20mg of Citalopram daily for 5 weeks now and this has stopped my insomnia. Although I still sleep at irregular times at least I sleep. I used to go 3-4 days with no sleep at all. I'd become noise and light sensitive, light headed and unable to eat and my anxiety got worse and worse. Your sleeping is really important. If you need medical help for this then seek it out.

Insomnia is so difficult to deal with, it just makes the other problems we have in life harder causing even more anxiety. Have you seen a physician yet? Asking for a sleep med is not out of line. Trazadone is very effective and not addictive, and your doc may also consider an antidepressant and or a benzo meds like Xanax. Overcoming the insomnia is Paramount or other symptoms will be magnified. Best of luck to you, you are not alone and with the right doctor, meaning a doctor that will listen to you and treat you accordingly, you will find your way to peace of mind and well being.

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