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Health anxiety


New to this site so go easy on me. Im 28 years old and I regularly suffer from Health anxiety. I think it started a couple of years when I found a lump at the back of my neck and stupidly googled it and then along with other symptoms convinced myself I had lymphoma. Then last year I had a spell where I kept getting pins and needles in my arms and legs and was sure I had MS.

Anyway now onto the new matter which doesn't even affect me. My girlfriend recently had chest pains one night which she told me were the worst she's ever had. She does regularly have indigestion and acid reflux problems and has been to doctors previously about this. However when I asked her she said that the pain was everywhere even in her jaw which I then googled stupidly and I've convinced myself she may have had a heart attack which could strike again. The rational part of me says that it was probably acid and heartburn, we did have a few drinks this weekend and she is still young and it did go away after she had some Gaviscon but I can't stop overthinking it and worrying that's she ok. I've told her to go to doctors just to get checked out although she's not worried about it at all and just said it's heartburn.

I just wondered if anyone has health anxieties about loved ones aswell as themselves. Nobody knows I feel this way or that I suffer anxiety this badly i always keep my worries to myself so it's nice just to get it out there and talk to people who also suffer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I also have health anxieties about myself and my loved ones, but mainly myself. I have been diagnosed with Hoshimotos hypothyroidism as well as premature menopause. Mine started before these diagnosis's, when the Dr. found a large lump in my neck at a physical. They acted so quickly getting me CT scans and biopsies, I freaked out. Ever since that experience I've had health anxieties. It also doesn't help that I tried telling Dr.'s for years I was having symptoms relating to my autoimmune condition and being ignored. I have to mentally refrain from Dr. google. I would recommend you refrain from Dr. google as well!


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