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Anxiety and diet

So many people claim that diet helped them overcome anxiety and change their mood. Has anyone here have followed some diet that actually help with mood and maybe anxiety I will love to know. I am eating healthy as much as I can I lost 17 kg that I put when I was pregnant with my son I am now in a healthy body weight but it doesn't seem to help much my anxiety its worst then ever and much more often now.

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Hi Scarediam, My feeling is that there are some triggers with food and drink that can make anxiety worse. However, anxiety is more about our emotional response to the stress of everyday life as well as the baggage of past issues. No matter how healthy you eat and exercise, if the root of anxiety has still not been addressed or removed, anxiety continues.. Enjoy life, enjoy each day. Accept anxiety as a normal response to stress. It is not dangerous, no matter how bad the symptoms get. The way we respond to anxiety will be what makes the difference. x


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