This is my '' see you later'' post

This is my '' see you later'' post

Im going away for a while. I tried to take my life a few days ago and almost succeeded. I agree im not okay and i need help.Im sure they don't have chocolates even in private mental hospitals make sure y'all get me some when i come back. Im greedy i like all chocolates especially the king size kitkats. I don't like Reeses i think they're gross. KITKAT PEOPLE (if yall love me lol)

I found happy pics so this post wouldn't be a sad one. Bye


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  • You are beautiful Danielle That's how I want to see you with a smile, talking about chocolates

    and knowing that you need help right now. That's the biggest step ever. xx

  • Danielle, the world would be a sadder place without you in it. Everyone on the forum has been drawn to your warmth and genuine caring. Get better soon. We will be waiting for you bearing Chocolates. Love you, Agora1 xx

  • You can't imagion how happy I am to see a post from you. I've (&others) have been so worried about you. Agora1 is so right, the world would be such a sadder place without our beautiful sunflower 🌻 Take care of yourself 😙 we'll be here for you- sending love even when you aren't "here". And of course 🍫 will be here 2. Love you❤💛❤💛🌻🌻🌻

  • I missed you Mel 💚

  • Giving u a super big bear hug❣ Missed u 2 beautiful sunflower 🌻I've been in my thoughts everyday😙Hope u r good.... so happy 2 c u💖

  • 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  • Aww like everyone else I wish you well too. You look a lovely girl. Look after yourself and we hope to hear back from you soon x

  • Heyyy 😋

  • I'm glad you never succeeded.your posts can be funny at times so will miss reading them.hey you do whatever it takes to feel better sure you will find a KitKat somehow.take care get well soon.

  • You want to find where you belong, You want to be happy and I think you can be. This isn't the end for you. You're not a faulty person nor were you ever. Sometimes people just suck or we have bad luck (or karma) and sucky people are all you run into. Your personality became a part of everyone who read your opinions and thoughts on here. And in that way, we'll be with you on your journey. Be safe, careful, and happy. Be in touch. Pray. Listen to your heart.

    I don't think "be yourself" is always good advice, i think 'be who you know you can be' or something similar hits a sweeter note.

    Never give up, or try to again. You are needed on earth.

  • 💙 thank you hun

  • Danielle, there is is saying which I believe is very true for anxiety sufferers.

    “It will be all right in the end and if it is not all right, it is not the end.”

    Anxiety is temporary, it isn’t permanent. You won’t always feel like you do. If you can allow yourself to think and feel everything at will and give up fighting it, you will start to recover. Bit by bit, the old you will emerge from beneath the symptoms. The old you is still there and just waiting for you to step out of the way of yourself so that your mind and body can begin the natural healing process. It will happen, just give up trying to do anything about the way you think and feel. You are a beautiful lady, inside and out.

    Best wishes

    Beevee ♥️

  • I like that saying Beevee...How true :)

  • I love that. It will be alright at the end

  • She did good. I was texting with Danielle until she was completely sedated when they took her away today. It tugged at my heart strings. She will be ok. She's strong.

  • I was texting with her too until she was completely sedated. Wow can she multitask. I cried

  • You can't leave

  • U can stop blowing up my pm Edward lol

  • Can't you just get help at home

  • Wishing you the best and good luck x

  • Danielle, remember Beevee's words posted here to you: "It will be alright in the end and if it is not alright, then it is not the end." The truest words ever spoken. We call down the blessings of Heaven upon your head.

  • The best thing you can do is take this time to heal. When it gets hard remember that there is another side and you’ve taken the first step. There are lots of people here supporting you and we can’t wait to see you when you get back. Just take it day by day and you will be so much better because of it.

  • Good luck on your road to recovery lovely girl you will get all the help you need. Wish you well ❤

  • Will be waiting with a bouquet of sunflowers... And the biggest chocolate bar you can think of...all the best dear

  • You is such a beautiful young lady so yes get the help you need you got your whole life ahead of you & were routing for you on this side!!

  • Hi Danielle,

    Bon Voyage on your journey to recovery

  • So sad to read how hard things are for you right now but please dont give up hope.

    There are lots of people there to help you.

    Dont give up please get help.You are stronger than you think.Take care lovely lady.

    Wish you well.

  • I know you are already gone but you'll be in my heart and prayers. ❤️

  • I live near the place where Kit Kat was kind of invented !!........

    Personally I think it can only help you........ cya soon

  • I am proud of you for taking care of yourself. It's hard to admit when we need help. You are a beautiful, young woman and have so much life ahead of you. God also has something planned for you, that is why your attempt failed. I look forward to your post in the future and God bless you.

  • I pray that Jesus releases His healing touch to you!

  • Of course you like those King sized chocolates! Everyone does!

  • I echo the beautiful supportive messages for a beautiful lady? I hope you get the best help and are soon feeling much much better. Big love to you. X

  • ps I share your love of chunky kit kats -- mines the peanut butter chunky !! X

  • Sorry to hear you must go away. Someone really got to you? Was it the relentless symptoms? Hang in there, you are a beautiful person inside and out. You have people who love you and who care for you. There is tons of hope for you!!!!!!!

  • So glad that you are getting the help you need. Blessings upon you.

  • A day late but I hope you get well, I also attempted to take my life some years back when I was only 14, and it drew me away from alot of my (brothers) friends and family who I soon learned actually did care for me when I didn't care for myself and it took me years of finding my self worth, praying, crying, and bad habits to fully recover and regain the connection that I lost for being so vain, tho we are close again I can still feel somewhat distant from them at times which I hate but I know I'll have to live with as punishment. trust me it's not worth it and your too young and beautiful to be seen in a casket right now. What's helped me is my own saying that is It's not the world that doesn't deserve us, the world is who we are. To depart ourselves from the world would be to depart ourselves from who we truly are, big powerful & teeming with life and despite how life may treat us we will continue to evolve and grow"

  • Statically in powered by my hyperactivity and anxiety. I've been traumatized by my anxiety and hyperactivity until I learned how to use this higher energy to my advantage. Having the right medications and coping skills have allowed me to be in control of my life. "I am a survivor of self destruction and suicidal thoughts and the ultimate attempt of ending my life." Praise God I was a complete failure at attempting to vanish one of God's images, me. Moving forward, stay strong and true to obtainable goal's such as taking your medications daily as prescribed by your Dr and honing your coping skills to your advantage. This will empower you to be in control of your life. So, stop the hate. Love yourself and except yourself as you are.

  • Go with God beautiful. I am glad you are getting help. Please let us know when you return. God bless , girl!

  • You will be okay :) and you will definitely get through this.. it’s a step in the right direction :) Blessings to you!💕

  • 🌻 thanks hun hope ur doing ok

  • How are you doing callmedanielle? Just checking up on you. May God continue to give you strength!

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