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Does anyone get where at night they feel scared ? Like if I look out the window I feel filled with dread/doom as if someone’s just died or the worlds ending it’s a weird horrible feeling it’s ugly ugly ugly!!! Everything just fills me with doom these days and I feel really unlike myself wich then leads to anxiety attacks but I’m trying to remain calm but is this feeling anxiety or depression ? As I’ve not had it before everything just feels pointless and doomed I even feel doomed HELP PLZ

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?? 😒

Hi avahxo, I've been reading your post over a few times but didn't really know how to answer it. But I'll give it a try. I usually only respond to things I have gone through myself. Night has never scared me but I can understand what you may feel when you look out the window at night. I'm sure you are not alone in this feeling since most horror movies are set at night time as well. I think of it as the world at peace. The hustle bustle of the day is behind. I am a night owl, so the quiet that I feel late at night makes my mind and body quiet as well.

Even though everything to you feels pointless and doomed, it still sounds like anxiety, a fear of something rather than depression. Did something ever happen to you in the dark of the night that brings these thoughts about? Talking with someone may help you discover where the doom is all coming from. Wish I could be more help. xx

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