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Going about your day feeling like this??

I can't do much but lie on the couch and be terrified. It feels like the room is spinning and reality is distorted and my perception is all kinds of messed up. I know that acceptance/floating through your symptoms is the best way to get rid of anxiety. But how can i do that on days where i feel so awful and disoriented? I understand floating through a fast heartbeat, or shaky hands or shallow breathing. But all of these crazy psychological side effects make it nearly impossible for me to function. The worst part is that for some reason sunny days make it a lot worse. I dont know if ill ever be able to just accept these awful feelings

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Hi someone5673, I remember we started out on the forum together 2 years ago. I felt at one time you were getting yourself all together..What happened, that brings you to today in not being able to do anything but lie on the couch and be terrified. I've been there as well, terrified and telling myself I didn't know of what. But honestly the more I dug into my fear deeper, the more I realized it was because I didn't feel in control of my life at that time. Medications and therapy were my life.

You have the basics in acceptance/floating your way through anxiety but the psychological side effects continue to hold your prisoner. As for "sunny days" they use to make my anxiety worse as well. Rainy cloudy days made me feel more comfortable in that I had an excuse not to go out and to hide in the house. On the sunny days, people were outside enjoying the good life and I wasn't prepared to be a part of society yet. The sun to me, meant all was well with the world, but all wasn't well with Agora1. So I don't find that unusual for you to feel that way.

Your last sentence kind of sums it up as to where you are in your life right now. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to just accept these awful feelings" You will be able to accept these awful feelings by changing your negative wording to a more positive one. Being...."I know that I will be able to accept these feelings one day."

Someone, we are always here to help each other. You've been a big contributor to this forum and I see it happening once again soon. We care, I care, Remember that. xx


I feel like that when I’m depressed. I feel depersonalized and living in derealization.

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I struggle the most with head symptoms it's just so hard to function and so scary, and when you are in the midst of the symptoms it hard to rationalise it as anxiety related.

I know it's the last thing you feel like but exercise will help with the head symptoms you need to get your blood pumping so more of it goes to your head plus exercising forces you to breath deeper. Try a little dark chocolate and up temp music all this has been proven to help with brain fog but I do think it helps with all anxiety head type symptom oh and lots of water.

Also I read the other day that vitamin d helps with dizziness vertigo and lightheadedness. I bought some straight away started taking them today lol

Hope you feel better soon


This rings true for the last few days. I've been exhausted, the smallest task is so debilitating. I know it's the result of doing to much - a good deal of that in my head. I have dogs to care for, the thought of walking them, being off-balance and dizzy, is hard, but I must do it. I have elderly relatives, who need a good bit of my time - I had a fair bit of paperwork to do over the last week. I like to keep interests going, learning to play instruments, a new language etc, but it's hard to keep it going. I know I've over done things and my body and mind are telling me to ease up. It will pass. I think mood has a lot to do with it, too. Some good advice given above, too. It all helps. If you have someone to even go for a walk with, it will help. I play some uplifting chill-out music and watch tv progs with beaches and sun. When my mood changes it definitely helps. If I manage to do one or 2 tasks on my list, it also makes me feel better. Getting rest - well it's a necessity, so I take naps, when I need to. You will get there!

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