Still have stomach pain near mid/low right..really anxious

I googled now I’m anxious I’ve had discomfort since Thursday because of eating a Big Mac.

on Friday because of eating 2 pizzas & a whole bag of hot Cheetos in the span of an hour at a time the pain started at 4:30pm at my belly button and moved right...then left and has stayed at the right it feels warm& hot I have back pain... I haven’t eaten a lot....don’t want to upset anything

I knew I should google but I slipped I don’t know if it’s my appendix but I’m panicking about it mom said don’t worry and she won’t take me to the emergency room it could be my period.. I got like this once beacuse of my ovaries that time we did go..we thought I was my appendix beacuse I had the pain and I was nauseous.. thankfully it wasn’t.

Any tips or suggestions.. ?


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  • I'd suggest to stop googling! Maybe cutting down on junk food may help your body and mind. If you really are concerned then please visit your doctor. Are you due your period? X

  • I should be getting it soon in like maybe 7 days

  • Your stomach pain could be any reason but I'm guessing it's your anxiety, diet/digestion. X

  • I would say it is because of what you ate and how much you ate. Your poor tummy is a bit full and stretched and sending signals to your stomach nerves to say it's in pain. It won't be your appendix. You should know what your period pain feels like and when it comes on - most pain is during the first 3 days of your bleed. Have a warm cup of ginger tea (grate some fresh ginger and pour hot water over) and that will settle your stomach. Have you tried any sort of guided relaxation? You spend alot of your time worrying about very small things and I think if you were more relaxed towards life then you would be able to distinguish more readily between what was trivial and what was possibly more serious.

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