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Is it Anxiety or Depression that causes me to not eat~or both?

hola !!!, just reaching out here to see if any of you might also have a problem with anxiety causing you to not eat, eat less and/or not even have regular times when you eat anymore. I've lost lots of weight which is interesting because the SSRI's (20 mg's of Lexipiro in my case) is indicated to cause weight gain. In any case I can't tell if it's the anxiety or the depression which is the root of it. The sad thing is I think I look better as this thinner me, and that's also kind of a societal thing that says thinner is better. I take Gapapentin for my anxiety and not a benzodiazepine because my doc says that I won't form a dependence on the Gabapentin. I keep having to increase its dosage to get me to sleep and to get some work done and function somewhat like a human. One more note: My doc has added Sam~e to the Lexipro and I think it's beginning to help a bit. So is more exercise !

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