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Dehydrated & anxious


I’ve had this experience too many times but guys definitely don’t forget to hydrate daily & regularly, like I believe it’s 8oz of Water . Or something lol im clearly not a doctor . My point FIND OUT FROM YOUR DOCTOR about the right amount of water you need daily & drink . Even if you have panic attacks all day & don’t feel like getting out of bed , drink lol. It’s not a cure all BUT it does help . I drank some more water after being in all that cold air outside , feeling anxious ..I feel somewhat better now. It SUCKS being even the least bit dehydrated on top of having anxiety. Not fun. Water is so essential. Balance is key. Don’t drink a little only daily but definitely don’t overdo it. So yeah , more of an uplifting thread/post than my usual anxious rant lol ha . 💕💕

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I always think I drink too much water I have about 6 or more 500ml bottles of water a day, rarely drink fizzy anymore just makes me more thirsty.


I was so addicted to Sparkling water as I gave up soda & missed it for so long . But yeah it never really hydrated me either. Yeah I’m not too good on measuring out that stuff lol I went to my dr , for a regular checkup & couldn’t pee like I normally do & I also mentioned other things bothering me & he suggested hydrating more in my case. For example at the office I drank a cup before my urine sample & felt better lol


Yeah I always go by if my urine is clear then I am pretty hydrated plus I know my kidneys are also working well as well. Yeah I mainly just drink water or fresh juice such as orange or apple now I do have the occasional coke when I get a takeaway and feel a lot better drinking water.

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The ideal amount of water we should consume daily depends on our body weight, gender, work however, a good yardstick is up to 2 litres a day. Seems a lot but it soon goes down. I have just supplemented all the coffees and teas with mineral water. I also cut up a couple of lemons in the morning and gently boil them for half an hour in a couple of pints of water. It makes an excellent drink first thing in the morning and has been proven to help de-tox your liver, kidneys etc. Also wakes you up! Just an idea folks! Fruit teas too are great. Yes! Oh Yes! Still have my 2 cups of coffee a day but have cut out sugar all together as this puts extra stress on our bodies “cleansing system/liver, kidneys, pancreas etc). Well .... works for me! I sometimes make a large saucepan of lemon juice it will keep well in the fridge for 3 days! 😊


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