Anxiety very bad

I am convinced that the pains and everything that happens with my body it's not normal anxiety it's been very bad for 3 days I have stomach pain very bad and my period day 5 I think it's been strange with light red blood in the toilet I am convinced that I have ovarian cancer and I can't stop worrying and crying. I went to doctor and I saw different doctor because I don't thin my gp takes me seriously and my anxiety. So luckily this gp gave me paper to filled about how I feel and gave me some scans for my stomach in a more then a week it's my appointment I am very scared and worried I can't eat I fell so bad.


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  • Just relax and take it easy what’s meant to happen will happen we can’t stop that but we can stop worrying about things that we can control at times

  • I am trying but it seems impossible I am feeling this fear in my stomach can't control it i am just crying and panick

  • I understand your feeling I suffer from chronic anxiety disorder mine is treated without me even being stressed or worried about anything that’s more scary and worrying then anything but i still trying to be strong You can do it believe in yourself trust me the more you worry about something that’s not even there but it’s all in your head you will be ill even more

  • And I went back to google even after I promised to the doctor when I last went in ER that I will not google symptoms I was googling yesterday and all I can read it's my symptoms and bad thinks

  • Google and the Internet Are a waste of time and people get nervous and panicky for no reason at all just forget Google and the Internet and just focus on what your doctor says and what the hospital say and forget the rest best advice

  • I thought I was doing ok this month I get anxiety but somehow I managed to stay on top of it but now it's get me really bad

  • You no way to get a new bed because you constantly thinking of the anxiety will take you over and we think that it will take you over to stop thinking about it and there’s more to life than being stressed and worried all the time

  • It's really hard to stop my thoughts I hate when I am like this specially with my kids around I hate because they see me like this

  • Okay if it’s really hard to stop your thoughts for your own sake then do it for the sake of your kids don’t let them suffer to see their mother like this to be strong and snap out of it

  • If only people could "snap out of it" as Mo suggests but nobody ever has and nobody ever will. When your nerves are over sensitised the sensitivity can't be turned off by flicking a switch. It takes an unspecified period of Acceptance. You have to stop fighting, surrender completely to the symptoms, because fighting only causes more tension and stress and your nerves need less not more of that. Claire Weekes in her classic book on the Acceptance method for recovery 'Self help for your nerves' says that the stomach is the most sympathetic organ in the body to anxiety. The organ that plays up the most. When you go for your scan, Scarediam, don't be surprised if the the result is 'Nothing found, everything fine'. You see anxiety doesn't show up on scans, even the most powerful microscope in the world can find no trace of it.

    When you get the o.k. I suspect that you won't believe it, you may think the doctors and the scan have missed something because you have decided that you have ovarian cancer. You have already dismissed one doctor who didn't take your diagnosis seriously even though he went to medical school for five years.

    Your belief that you have ovarian cancer is your anxiety speaking and it is unlikely to be silence by crystal clear scans showing no ovarian cancer which I hope and believe will be the case.

    How do I know this? It's because you're posting your message, Scardiam, on an anxiety forum not a cancer forum. So wait for the result of the scans and accept any reassurance they bring - and then accept all your symptoms of anxiety for the time being calmly and without adding second fear to first fear. And in the fullness of time which doesn't mean 48 hours your nerves will recover, your pains caused by nervous tension will cease and you will regain your peace of mind I promise.

  • Thank you for your reply Jeff1943 your words always makes me feel better. I order Claire Weekes book as you rekomed and I am waiting to arrive on Tuesday.

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