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I’ve been in out of doctor clinics and hospitals for the last few days. My head is spinning, feeling very itchy all over my body, my boobs are burning and hurt like hell,my left leg keeps twitching on its own, my hands are shaking constantly, my heart is jumping beats and it’s really got me spooked.

Doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Did all sorts of tests and come back with zero explanation.

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Anxiety is the answer just say you got GAD generalise anxiety disorder and he will sort you out


I was the same, when I first started with anxiety had heart palpitations, racing heart, feeling sick as well as many other symptoms and still have some now. Went to the hospital/doctors had loads of test everything normal with my heart and body and was told anxiety. Hard to take in that these physical symptoms aren’t dangerous and aren’t gonna kill you. It’s just your bodies flight or fight response which pumps your body with adrenaline and you get all these symptoms. Stay strong we are all in this together and it will get better.


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