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Advice on how to relax after coming home


I recently tried to get some sleep after being out all day . It’s a bit late now but I wanted advice & wanted to know if anyone could relate . I was dozing off , trying to distract myself from the fact I was anxious. I’ve been this way all day but thought a nap could work or even relaxing . My relaxing technique for breathing was so off. I was hyperventilating already when I tried to close my eyes & meditate in bed , it’s like i scared myself back awake :/ it’s frustrating . I say meditate but more than likely I was gonna take a nap. It’s what I wanted though lol. Anyways whether it’s meditating ,going to bed , whatever, can anyone relate to being so anxious already ...you try getting sleep & you scare yourself awake , then maybe a panic attack follows? Any advice ?

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