Anxiety Dizziness & weak "jelly legs". It's AWFUL!! Anyone else??

My worst physical anxiety symptom is when I can feel my anxiety coming on because I start feeling dizzy and start having trouble walking. My legs feel like PURE JELLY! It comes on for NO reason at ANY time. Like they feel very weak but for sure it's hard to walk. I get scared I won't be able to make it to where ever it is I'm going because I think I'm gonna fall or pass out from the dizziness. The jelly weak legs and dizziness REALLY scares me. Anyone else have these physical symptoms? How do you handle it? I need to know I'm not the only one in this world that has these physical symptoms due to anxiety. IS it REALLY anxiety?


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  • Sounds very much like anxiety to me, Rosie, but for your own reassurance do see your doctor. Jelly Legs are well known amongst those experiencing anxiety but you know what: jelly legs will always get you there and back. Who says so? Claire Weekes says so in her first book 'Self help for your nerves' written before you were born but still helping untold thousands to recover from anxiety disorder and nervous sensitisation. Maybe check it out on Amazon, read a few of the hundreds of reader reviews, it's life changing. It's just that she refers to jelly legs, thats all. So keep on walking, do what you fear and the death of fear is assured!

  • Oh and dizziness is such a common anxiety symptom, it's nerves playing tricks on you too. So just accept it, accept everything calmly and without responding to first fear with second fear. You"re going to recover, everything will be fine, anxiety's bark is worse than its bite.

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