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Just when you though all was good

I haven't been having any symptoms from anxiety lately, until this evening and late night. My throat was hurting badly my throat was tight. I could swallow normal, but it sucks, having to feel like that, I was tired and was falling asleep, I don't have problems falling to sleep, it's just uncomfortable having to sleep with all these systems happening all at once. I've been up for about 2 hours I moped my hallway and kitchen floors put some music on to get my mind flowing. Now I'm laying down, and it felt like I couldn't breath that's why I keep jumping up, just in case I gotta save myself. It feels like the blood just rushed to my head all at once. I hate this.

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Try a magnesium supplement it will help stop the throat tightness and help relieve the anxiety. I have had throat problems for years and have been going though it again lately after going through benzo withdrawal, magnesium has helped more than anything else. Check out magnesium deficiency and you will see how great it can be for anxiety and related symptoms.


My throat closes up and I have trouble swallowing food. It is from anxiety. There is a medicine for this, but don't take it if you are pregnant. I bought a bottle of liquid glycerine from the pharmacy. It is over-the-counter. When my throat tightens up, I sprinkle about a 1/4 to 1/2 tablespoon of the glycerine on the back of my hand and lick it off. It does help to loosen the throat. Tea with honey in it helps, too. You can even put some honey on a spoon and slowly move it around in your mouth and then swallow it. I think that honey contains a natural form of glycerine.

I find myself making extra work to concentrate on, just to help me get out of the anxious state as it does help to put that energy into doing something that needs doing anyway. We have to fool ourselves back into feeling like we are not going to fall off the edge of the earth.

Are you eating healthful foods? You HAVE to have the proper nourishment, or nothing will help. It is part of the SELF-CARE that you need to perform daily, and that your brain and body deserve! It doesn't have to be expensive foods. But you might go the library and get some recipes that have good proteins and vitamins and minerals in them. Our food supplies are becoming depleted of many of the nutrients that they USED to have, before the big companies started over-planting fields and not rotating crops, and using possibly harmful insecticides, etc. You are going to be alright if you will learn to take extra good care of yourself. Have courage, and keep your chin up, and smile at yourself in the mirror, everyday.

I have had anxiety problems since I was about 24. I am now 74. I have my good days, and I have my bad days. I try to get busy if I am having a bad day. I also try to figure out WHY I am having a bad day. I can usually come up with a good answer. This answer usually has to do with lack of self-care, or watching TV too late, and not getting enough sleep and "quiet time". Happy instrumental music, like on Pandora (free subscription) cheers me up, too. Writing down how you feel everyday might help, too. Then you can figure out what sets you off, like lack of self-care. Hoping you feel better soon! :) (PS: I have been taking buspirone for about twenty years, and it has been a lifesaver for me! Very few side effects, too!)


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