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Moving sensation inside of the head.

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Hi, everyone! How are ya?! :)

Looks like I got myself into a panic. Well, I'm not panicking but a bit. Anyways, while sitting up in my bed and texting on my phone. I notice a feeling in my head like something was moving inside of it. I had to find out what it is by going on Google. Silly me.

Anyways, I had type in what I shouldn't have and I know you guys are going to freak like I am about to (lol) but "worms in the brain" is what I type. Like I said, I should have typed in moving sensations in the head. uhh. :P

So, I read a few articles and know that I didn't have any of these problems. My second guess has to be a tension headache. Is that it? Or did I just answer to my problem. Wow, Deanna, way to go. I swear anxiety can have you think the things that are not even wrong with you.

Love and light,


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The worst thing about the internet is that you can cause yourself untold panic and stress by reading about the wide range of illnesses that could be causing how you are feeling. looking up the internet for more information once you have been diagnosed by a professional is really great.

I get this crawling feeling over my head sometimes. That could be just about anything, but I know that it is just a tension headache.

I also get a feeling like I am moving when I am sitting perfectly still and I have learned that is either my blood pressure or sometimes it can be because of a migraine.

Even for headaches the first thing I do is just have a glass of water and see if it goes away. If it hasn't in 20 minutes or I am really busy I then take something for a headache.

I try natural methods first then reach for the painkillers. If that doesn't help I look up NHS 24 and if that still doesn't help I make an appointment to see my doctor.

I hope it was jut a headache and you are feeling better now.

Take care.

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