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Putting on a brave face

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Tonight I feel low , the past few days have been reflecting on anxiety and the way it has made me feel . It was my birthday last week , I didn’t want a fuss but my friend wanted to take me out for a meal last weekend , so I did . My mother wanted me to get some fresh air so I did , we went for a walk .

Because they wanted me too .

How come I feel so exhausted , I felt like I wasn’t really with them , I feel so emotional and upset about it . It’s like I’m pretending to be okay and all I want to do is cry , Its an overwhelming feeling , that’s suddenly took over ,

I think I might have done too much in s small space of time . I didn’t think it would effect me like this ......

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Hi Welshy sounds like you have had such a lot on .very hard on ourselves.want everything to be ok and enjoy stuff but not easy anxiety exhausting.rest up be kind to yourself.im ill today not slept and my anxiety up yo maximum this morning all the horrible physical symptoms I like you did loads yesterday drove 40 miles alone haircut vist sister then shopping then my sons school then a old friend called in and stayed 3 hours I was acting all day and today I'm a wreck.posative thoughts I send to u.got to pull myself together as going out tonight with old work colleagues.im dreading it xxx

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