Indescribable feeling

Have you ever just felt "off"? Like you don't know what it is, like your feel "fine" but it's just something you can't put your finger on? Well that's me right now lol. It's like a sensation in your body that it feels like it's there but then it's not? I probably sound crazy but honestly there's no way to describe it. I get a split second of panic but then I'm like "girl your fine" and I am. I don't know I thought I'd share

Wish you guys the best


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  • I call it the "I don't feel real or fuzzy feeling" then I say "mis you're gonna be fine". Sometimes it works. Lol. Missie

  • Might be derealization caused by anxiety!! Makes you feel off and distant from reality. Idk if that’s exactly what your feeling but maybe look into it. I have it and I see a therapist and take meds for it.

  • Yes! In so many ways hahah you're not alone

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