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Anxiety is back

HI all.. I wrote here few days ago about my feelings.. that my anxiety is much lower and not often, and that now just sometime having the blood clot anxiety.. But last 4 days is the hell back again.. I am scared 24 hours daily.. again..

Again about heart as before and now still the blood clot thing.. I never before felt so terrible fear like at this moment.. I dont know if it can be because one day i skipped my setraline ...was traveling for a day trip and forgot to take the pills with me.

Now sitting here and feeling all symptoms of having blood clot in my lungs.. pain on chest, hard breathing, and terrible fear.. It is about 3 weeks ago i had d dimer tests and was all ok... but fear that the blood clot could somehow create after the tests.. Im so scary that thinking to run to ER .. again... they already know me there..

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