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Massive headaches day 6

After my stint in ED last Thursday night/ early morning , I’m still getting these severe headaches . I had a CT Head Angiagram on Monday with the dye put through all clear thank god but my headaches are still so bad .

Does anyone else get these or is something really wrong .

Wake in morning get out of bed and within 5 mins my head pulsates , throbs as if my heart is beating in my head . I take paracetamol and go back to bed holding my head until it eases . But today it has throbbed on and off, especially is I bend over or squat , head pressure at front , shooting pains and feels as if I’m wearing a hat and I keep feeling to see if I have one on .

But it’s the worst first thing in the morning ???? Why why why

Please anyone can you help

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Yea i get those, sometimes it's sopainful im scared to make any movement so it won't get worse


Yes I have those as well. Paracetamol will not help. An anti-inflammatory is better along with a prescription pain med. Also, do you have neck problems? Tense muscles etc. These all contribute to your pain. Consider a pain med from your GP along with an anti--iflammatory like ibuprofen.

I truly do symphasise. It is EXCRUCIATING I know ... especially when bending forward.



Lizbett yes they are terrible . Just seen a deep tissue masseur and he used a little machine in my back , neck , back of head and stomach and it will show the spots of tension , anxiety etc . My shoulders and neck feel so relaxed atm . Thanx for your support

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Anytime! ☺

I've also found that using a portable TENS machine to alleviate muscle pain on shoulders /neck can sometimes stall/prevent the severity of the migraine. I use 'Vitalic Perio-TENS Pain Relief '. It's relatively inexpensive and available from pharmacies. I have disc prolapses in my neck so I need to be careful how I sleep.

Keep your muscles relaxed as much as you can at all costs. Lightly massage scalp, jaw-line,neck, shoulders as often as you can. Heat packs are also good as a preventative.

I wouldn't wish migraines upon anyone. Agonizing, just agonizing.

Be well 🤕😊🌹


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