2:15 am, counting the hours

Another night can't sleep. Laying in bed for hours- now counting the hours til I have to get up. Down to under 4 hours if I fall asleep right now which I'm not. So annoying.


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  • Hey Chaz, I'm awake too, but I woke up after 2 hours of sleep feeling terrible. It's difficult to explain-kinda achy, heart going faster than normal, bad feeling in my stomach... I feel like I have been poisoned or something, although I know I haven't. Or maybe I'm low on some vitamin or iron. Or... can anxiety make you feel like this? That's the question! So, anyway, I've been awake for a couple of hours. Did you at least get 4 hours sleep? Remember, this is temporary, it will just be a memory once your body settles. Let's just let it happen, let our bodies relax even though we're awake, I mean practice deep relaxation, which is also good for us and is rejuvenating. Plus look at all the extra time we're getting to think and learn and plan while everybody else is wasting the entire night sleeping.

  • Thanks USA I hope u feel better and have a nice day. I passed out bout 5, got up late for work have to hustle. I'll talk to u later. Hope ur resting

  • I have been like this the past 2 nights! Tonight it’s a bit better which is nice 😊

  • Magnesium in the form of Epsom salts helps you sleep.

  • Insomnia is a very common problem in the US. My MD reminds me of that everytime I think I'm special. lol

    Sometimes after two nights of not sleeping, I know I'll be tired enough to sleep on the third.

    I am fortunate that I met a remarkable woman in Australia on this forum with the same anxiety issues. So when I can't sleep, she is awake and can message me if she's not too busy on her day. And vice versa. :)

  • Thank u !

  • Look, there's always Ambien. But sometimes people do things they don't even remember when on it. And pain specialists are encouraging people to try something other than ambien if you take oxy type pain meds as studies are showing some intellectual interference by that combination of meds. Great. I've been around long enough to have doctors become younger than me so I know this stuff. Well, much better than hearing I overheard someone who read on GOOGLE. :)

  • I took the attitude that I would fall asleep when my body needed the rest. Not a moment too soon...or too late. Needing 8 hours is also a myth so don’t get hung up about it if you are sleeping less. It just adds to your anxious state. If you sleep, great! If you don’t sleep, so what? You’ll feel tired the next day. That’s about it.

    Anxiety is a paradox. If you try doing anything to get rid of it, it sticks around. If you stop trying to do anything about it, it gradually melts away. Same principle applies to insomnia. Stop trying to sleep. Your body will let you know when it is ready to rest. It may not be tonight or it may not be tomorrow night but it will happen.

    Sweet dreams! 😴😴😴

  • Thank u Beevee!

  • If I woke during the night, which I did many times, I would use the time to practice acceptance of all those anxious thoughts and feelings. Just letting my anxiety run amok but instead of adding more stress to the situation I.e. questioning all the thoughts, I would simply observe them flashing into my mind, let them have their say (they will anyway), do nothing about them and then watch them leave. You see, anxiety is just excessive negative energy trapped inside your body which wants to escape from you just as much as you want to be rid of it. If you fight it, you are stopping the energy from leaving. If you allow yourself to feel it all willingly, the energy is released. The more you allow this energy to be released, the more you recover. It does take time to develop a passive attitude towards the symptoms but it is possible. Anxiety is a learned behaviour which is good because it means the behaviour can be reversed.

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