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Odd head sensation

I don't know what it could be but it happened at the beginning of the month a few days before my period. I started to feel like a lightheaded yet weird sensation, it was the first time it started then went away. But I've noticed it's started to happen again, yesterday I thought it was because I hadn't eaten half of the day and it was maybe my blood pressure. But today I'm feeling the same thing and I don't know why, I already had lunch and it recently started. I know I should probably see my doctor about it, but could it be related to anxiety? I haven't felt stressed today and I deal with some anxiety everyday.

Can anyone relate? Have any tips

Thank you in advanced

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I get chills on the top of my head as a symptom. Anxiety has so many symptoms that I can't keep up anymore. I would definitely go see a MD for your own reassurance, but if you have been to the doctor multiple times (like me), you have to just let the symptom pass.🤷🏾‍♀️

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I've been putting it of going to she her, I feel level of anxiety everyday but if I have to go somewhere my brain goes crazy thinking about traffic and having to sit in the waiting room and how long it's going to take makes me anxious and scared of having a panic attack, anxiety makes me gross and makes me want to run the other way. I feel so alone sometimes. I'd take my mom but she asks me so many questions on "what are you so quiet, why are you mad" and so on. I know I'll have to get blood work done too, but when I get really anxious I have to chew gum or some candy but I know for a fact I'll have to do it in a fast to get blood work.


Don't underestimate the odd feelings of anxiety. I can't explain some of the feelings I get. Go to your doctor for reassurance and then see if it dissipates once you know it's harmless. I too get weird feelings when I know I'm getting ready to go out of the house, usually when I start doing my makeup. By the time I'm ready to go I'm exhausted and don't feeling like going anywhere just because the whole process overwhelms me. Try and see if you can find a trigger for this feeling.

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