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What in the hell !!!😡

Ok so I got aggravated today over the stupidest shit. My 13 year old got a puzzle out, nothing huge just 700 PC. I have issues with puzzles, I kinda can't stop until its done. The thing is I also have a 3 and 4 year old. Needless to say we couldn't Finnish the puzzle which I knew but see there comes the issue. It was horrible for me to have to undo everything we did to pick it up. It absolutely drove me nuts. My stomach and head haven't been right all day and I can't stop this breathing thing its like I can't catch my breath my neck and upper back is tight and I've got a headache still after 8 hours. All this over a stupid puzzle. I don't understand why? Maybe I'm just an overdressed SAHM?

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Sounds like OCD and anxiety to me tbh


Not going to offer a diagnosis, as that would frustrate me too. If you want a solution to the actual puzzle issue, get a stiff piece of cardboard, and work the puzzle on it. When you need to stop, slide the cardboard with the part of the puzzle you have completed and slide it under a bed. Pull it back out whenever you have time to work some more on it. Had a friend in high school who worked complicated puzzles with me that way. Sometimes it was weeks in between times we worked on them. When finally finished, we slapped several layers of lacquer over it on both sides and hung them on the walls.


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