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Lucid Dreaming

Another random...

As a side effect or for some just an experience of their Anxiety, has anyone experienced Lucid dreaming?

I have experience this more than I would like since I was a child, but as my anxiety hit, they are becoming more frequent. Usually if I have a Lucid dream... I wake up with derealisation (that is actually the only time I experience this symptom.) These dreams use to not bother me, but now, I wake up more exhausted as if I never went to sleep.

In case you are wondering: Lucid Dreaming is when you think you have woke up, but you are still dreaming. It's like... an out of body experience but more scary (for me) because I always think to myself in my dream "did I die?!"

It happens when I wake up early in the morning, stay up for a couple of hours and drift back to sleep or... when I am high in anxiety.

Any takers on this subject?😩

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Hi, the closest thing that I can relate to has happened more recently but not in bed. I put in 16-18 hour days awake, high energy (since off benzos). However, when sleep overtakes me late at night while watching tv, I am out without realizing it, thinking I went upstairs to bed and then waking up on the couch wondering how I got back down there. I could swear I went upstairs and was in bed. So there is that time frame that I have seemed to have lost. The thing is nothing bothers me anymore, so I just write it off as "that's life"... I'll be watching for other responses you get. It's a very interesting topic. xx

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Definitely similar. Except, I am very aware of everything that is happening. I know that I am dreaming and when I wake up (finally) I remember everything about the dream. Some people are fascinated by his type of Dreaming, I can go without it🙋🏾

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I have sleep paralysis sometimes where I think someone has come in the room and sits on my bed and I can feel them and then they start pushing me, quiet scary.

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Me too. It has happened frequently. Very scary


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