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I’ve spent the better part of the last few days browsing everything I can find online about anxiety. I’ve downloaded a few apps, and tried some different websites. The main thing I’ve gotten is to beat anxiety you have to accept it. They all have different ways of doing that, but they are somewhat similar. Thought I’d pass them along.

1. Breathe. A few deep in through the nose out through the mouth breaths. After that breathe normally and just focus on the breath. The sensation etc.

2. Allow the thoughts to come in and out, and believe me they will. When they do, acknowledge them for a second and then go back to focusing on the breath. It’s likened to watching traffic. You see the traffic but you dont just run out in the middle of it. Imagine the thoughts, and anxiety as traffic. Observe it and get back to your life.

3. Don’t give up that it doesn’t go away in a day. You didn’t become in this shape overnight and it doesnt go away overnight. What you are doing is putting anxiety into the right perspective. It will always be there, but it doesn’t have to be in the drivers seat.

I find I’m great at giving advice when I see someone struggling, but I’m horrible at taking that advice myself. So I’ve spent the last few days doing what I’m saying. I went out grocery shopping, and have just tried to live the life I’m supposed to live. It hasn’t been anxiety free but it hasn’t been crippling either. Here’s to hope that things do get better.

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Christory77, I like the analogy between Anxiety and Traffic and the part about anxiety always being there but doesn't have to be in the driver's seat. A great visual explanation of what anxiety is like.

Don't worry about offering advice but struggling to do it yourself. That all comes in time. As you hear it coming from yourself over and over again, you will start to truly believe that it works. Who knew something as simple as "Acceptance" would be the key to Anxiety.

Thank you for sharing Christory77. Make it a great day :)

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