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I'm nervous about Wednesday night !

Hi everyone

I suffer from GAD and most days I have symptoms but am trying to deal with them differently

My partner has just told me he is going away Weds morn on business and will not be back till Thurs night

It has sent me into an anxiety spiral, I'm now really nervous and scared about it. Worrying how I'll cope and what if I have an attack and am here alone with my children. I'm panicking about cooking tea weds night, getting through the evening and getting up for work the next day


What can I do?


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Begentle51, Wednesday night will be fine, of course you'll cope with the children and get their tea. Even if your panicing you can still get their tea and panic at the same time, it's uncomfortable of course and most probably won't happen anyway but if it does you can still cope, you just switch onto automatic pilot and do it.

The best way to free yourself of high anxiety and panic attacks is to ACCEPT them for the time being, let them come and carry on as normal, don't add second fear to first fear, sensitised nerves thrive on fear so the less fear you fuel them with the less they will bother you.

You'll be in your own home, safe in your comfort zone, so just accept how you feel and carry on, it's going to be fine I tell you and afterwards you'll have the sense of achievement that you accepted the feelings and still got the job done and your head didn't drop off and roll across the floor☺ so chill Begentle51 and make Wednesday the first day of your recovery through Acceptance rather than fighting.

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