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Weird head feelings

Lately I’ve had the pressure headache from tight muscles, weird vision feeling sometimes (last summer I had an eye exam and everything was good, don’t know if that means something has changed 😩) and today a weird headache in the back of my head.... not quite a headache/ maybe slightly lightheaded.... it’s hard to explain so I don’t know if it’s from anxiety or something more sinister ☹️ I had an mri last winter and I was good , but maybe something has changed since then ☹️so now I’m worried that what if something is wrong with my spine and it’s blocking something/pinching/ or maybe leaking fluid or something really bad😩 I’m not worried about a brain tumor just other things....just that what if I’ve done something to myself and it’s killing me or something 😩

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First off i want to say, I hate that we are going through these feelings. I understand how you feel. Everything that you posted is exactly how i feel on a daily basis. Its exhausting and dreadful. I think the same way that yes i might have a CT scan which was for me about 3 months ago but with how i still feel in my head im like well what if something has changed since then. Things can change instantly. And like i was also thinking, well yes i had blood work did about 6 months ago but with my physical symptoms and the way i feel what if something in my body have changed for the worst since then. Its a never ending cycle of "what ifs" and yes they say anxiety can make us think the what ifs but i strongly say that we are not irrational in our thoughts because everything we think as far as the what ifs are happening to people around the world all the time and doctors who found things at the last minute for people and it was too late. Illnesses that dont get discoverd until last minute. We know our bodies and we just dont feel normal. We feel a change and i feel we have every right to want to find out every change that we notice. And i have those same symptoms the muscle aches, funny vision, wierd head sensations, and more and they want to just come out of nowhere. And yes my newest worries that has added more to my already worried self is that what if im killing myself or im really gonna stress myself to death or what if im causing my own self to die and i cant stop it or what if by me trying to "accept this as anxiety" I end up neglecting something that could really be happening to me that could kill me and i dont find it in time.

I wish us better days ahead...

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