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Am I seeing things????

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Hey guys so I just saw this article about how if you see shadows out of the corner of your eyes (like sitting in your bed watching tv or using the computer and you see a black shadow or fuzzy thing out of the corner of your eye) you are having a hallucination. I've had that my entire life and now I am wondering if I am going crazy. I'll be sitting or reading something and I'll see a little fuzzy thing out of the corner of my eye. It has literally no shape it's just there. I don't see like faces or actual beings when it happens, the fuzzy is literally just there. I am really really scared that I am having hallucinations and wondering if I am crazy. I also read an article about how if you see faces in inanimate objects, like idk seeing a screaming face inside of a bell pepper or a smiley face in the back of your clock or the face in an electric outlet it means you are freakin insane. Can anyone give me some peace of mind on if I need to go to the doctor? The whole "Seeing things out of the corner of my eyes" have always been a thing in my life and I know that nothing I am seeing is real. I also don't have eye problems my eye doctor told me my eyes are in very good health.

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All the things that you mention are of no importance, you are not going blind, not going crazy, just accept them and do not fight them or stress about them and all will be well, you have bigger fish to fry than worry about these trifles.

I get this all the time. It's nothing to do with going crazy. It can startle me but no more than that. When it happens again, try and accept it's not of any importance. Good luck x

I have a terrible fear of mice and they have been in my house a few times over the years. They flash past so quickly ,my husband never sees them, he just has a heart attack at my loud screaming!! So now all time I see small shapes flash past my eyes but I don’t worry as not cold enough for mice to come in house. I don’t worry that it’s anything sinister so please try not to worry xx

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