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Can anyone decode my dream?

You me i think keiry and for sone reasn andrew was after the flight? Anywho we were on the plane for four hours to goto florida as soon as we landed all hell broke loose with anxiety i didnt get panic attacks but as im dreaming I felt my actual physical body begin to PANIC as my heart was racing and in the dream i was having difficulty breathing we ended up at some festival and i was like we have to look for an ambualnce right now so we did and i didnt say anything was wrong or nothing but then they were like are you a tech can you stay here incase a second call comes over im like uh bo in not im a driver though and they were lie no good but all the times i was anxious i was breathing in deep so it wouldnt become a full blown panic i couldnt look up i was losing my balance it was horrible! Absolutely HORRIBLE on the plane ride to it i had my ps4 i was on edge so were you this kid breaks my ps4 almost by dropping it i got up was so pissed at him (this was the beginning of the dream) anyway my thoughts were holy crap i have no idea where anything is in florida easily lost traffic could be bad and then if course im like IM 4 hrs by plane away from Nee york im screwed and then i forced myself to wake up but before i was about tovcall helen who lives in florida

I never get panic attack dreams or dreams of my anxiety and i woke up fine so it wasnt night terror it was more of like a nightmare lol likr any other nightmare except about anxiety

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