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Worried I’m dehydrated

Hi....I know that your pee is supposed to be a bit yellow normally but anyway I drink a lot of water it usually isn’t any color😬 but since yesterday even tho I’ve been drinking a fair amount of water it looks yellow(not very dark) I know I probably shouldn’t be worried about this but I’m worried that I’m dehydrated from anxiety since lately the anxiety has made my body temp warmer(no fever) or that something else is wrong and that I’m going to die from dehydration 😩 or that something suddenly happened and I don’t know what :( like kidneys or my liver has failed or something😛

I know I’m being silly but I still can’t get it out of my head:( I also have a dry mouth which I have gotten before from anxiety

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Mine changes color all the time !

As long as there is no pain , no blood or a strong odour then this is perfectly normal for most

Also depending what you are drinking or eating can change the color of your urine

I know it is easy to say don't worry but I am sure you are fine :-)

Keep up your fluid intake and maybe stop with the color chart every time you go to the toilet as a Health Anxiety sufferer I know we will have it bright orange by the end of the day when we keep checking :-/

I will tell you something that might make you smile :-)

Last few days when I have been using some toilet paper which the hubby fetched I have been thinking O I can smell perfume or the other thought O am I not rinsing well enough when I have a shower because when I wipe I can still smell a soap smell then I have started to get sore and thought O no what on earth is happening I may need to see the Doctor until today I have realized that the paper he brought was flipping perfumed ! Obviously it has not suited me at all but the mind was getting into full blown scenarios before I clicked on !

The mind is a powerful thing and can make us panic , I think this is what is happening with you , a thought is in your head and your mind is blowing it up , anxiety loves that to happen so let it know you are not going to listen :-)

Take Care x


Thank you! There is no pain/strong odor or anything :) that did make me smile😊


Well I reckon it will be normal then , if in a few days you are still worrying about it you could ask the Doctor to do a Urine test but I bet it would come back fine :-) x


Have you recently started to take a vitamin B supplement as the excess of one of the B vits can colour pee a darker shade of yellow.


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