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I believe I have anxiety because I did have an panic attack and get all the symptoms of anxiety well majority of them. Now I say all that to say I have yet to see a doctor and get diagnosed, with anything . it's a process , Friday I'll see a social worker and then see where it goes from there , but I'm taking prescriptions for anxiety . Alot of people are different , I'm able to go outside , I'm able to go to physical therapy , I'm able to still do alot of things like nothing never happened . I start to break down only at home and only at night thtz y I get no sleep. does anyone else go threw this . I'm a person that loves to laugh , like I can laugh at what others might think is stupid . so when I'm talking to ppl and I'm laughing I know that I can over come this anxiety cuz I feel good about myself .

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Tarishalovesherse, Hang onto that feeling. Feeling good about yourself is most important in succeeding with anything in life. It sounds like you have a love for life and people and have no problem interacting socially. You may start to break down at night because you are already feeling defeated in knowing you will not be able to sleep. Our thoughts are powerful in how we feel physically. Try taking that positive person that you are and put them into positive thoughts before bedtime. YouTube has some wonderful calming audio videos that promise deep sleep. Tune into something that will relax you in trying to get a better quality of sleep and rest. Feel blessed in the small things, like it not interrupting your daily activities. One step at a time may one day guarantee you a 24 hr freedom from anxiety. My best. xx

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