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Finally some answers

So I have not been able to drive due to what I thought was anxiety as I would get lightheadedness, flush through my body, feeling weird. I went to the optomitrust and they have found that I have severe eye strain and something called BVD which is to do with the muscles in my eyes. I got a new pair of glasses which has made everything much better but a lot of getting used to. I still have they eye strain but not as bad so I'm going back to the optomitrist to get them adjusted. Fingers crossed I will be back to driving and be anxiety free once this is sorted. Get your eyes tested people as BVD has the same symptoms as anxiety and I know I have anxiety but some of the symptoms were definitely not anxiety but when I asked the doctor she kept saying its anxiety but it's not as it is something wrong with my eyes. Thank goodness I listened to my sister and went to an optomitrist :)

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Hi Anxious2befree. How do optometrist test eyes for BVD, and how do they treat it ?

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They do extensive tests which one test I had to pay for. They take photos of your eyes and behind your eyes as well as test your perefial vision then they do the usual testing and then analyse what they have done with the results. Glasses is what treats it to correct it.


Thank you, but is something inserted in your eye ?


No not at all


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