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How long

This is the longest my anxiety lasts usually two weeks and I feel better for one week or more but i am still in pain still have all those aches all over my body specially arms and legs and it's make me having panic atack because I want to google but I know what I will read and it's every day struggle do not finish in ER. I am looking at the people and I think did they have this random pain and just don't really think about that and they don't feel it or is me something wrong with me I am just so tired of everything it takes too long to feel some relief😔

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You are exactly right. We over think any pain or sensation we get and wonder if it’s something bad or if you need to go to the hospital. While other people feel it and don’t pay attention and go on with the day. It’s just anxiety and you can’t let it get the best of you. As long as you’ve been to a doctor and you are healthy, you have no reason to worry. I get the same way but I have really tried hard to control it better. Good luck

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