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Hey wassup everyone feeling a bit stressed out

So today i been alright its been annoying my heart rythm i can feel it beating fast to slow then fast again even when i was layingdown im even getting a headache right now because i could also feel it beating in my throat i put on the blood pressure to see if its high or it just me and it says 128,80,78pulse its like i cant stay still or realax because i can feel it in my chest and in my body also in back of my head my pulse i can feel it when im laying down all this is so starnge feel like something wrong with my nerves in my body i have a headache and tierd of all this going everyday everytime is different symthoms but its always something with my heart and pulse that goes super fast or its not beating properly this is annoying docters alwags say im good .

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Johnnie, you know nothing is wrong with your heart, and you still won't take your meds. Just chill for awhile and start writing in a journal about all the things you feel. That may help calm you from your need to report them repeatedly with a post.


Your blood pressure is fine and so is your pulse. Your can feel it cos your panicking and your super aware of your heart. Your headache is a tension Headache I'm sure. Have a glass of cold water that can sometimes help calm your heart. Have you ever thought about taking beta blockers for your anxiety it also regulates your heartbeat so you wouldn't feel like this all the time.


yeah i use to take them but not nomore i stoped randomly because they makes my heart beat super slow after but i might need that now thinking about because myheart and pulse tries to speed up on me.

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Please try to take some anxiety medication.

Best wishes


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