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full moon and severe anxiety


I know this may sound odd but I know when the full moon is coming my anxiety goes through the roof.... yesterday I had bad anxiety and today is the same... I googled when is the full moon and sure enough it's tonight..... why is this and why does it happen :( I feel like a crazy person

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Ashley1489, one of the more interesting myths regarding the full moon. (although know that there are scientific findings how the full moon affects us)

It is more than about werewolves and vampires. It's been said throughout time that the full moon can affect the mood and emotions of people(your anxiety) as well as I had heard of never having an elective surgery planned on a day of the full moon. Supposedly, higher rates of bleeding and complications. Menses can be brought on by the full moon (coincidence? probably)

It makes for conversation as well as a reason. Feel better Ashley, it's only 1 evening. xx

Hi, Ashley! I get this too, would you believe! So much so, that last night I ended up in A & E with a massive migraine with aura too (rising anxiety is a trigger for me). I had to get sickness meds, the full shebang. I'm going to quiz my psych. about this and ask him if he sees a worsening of mental health symptoms amongst his patients at full moon. I know from one nurse I spoke to that the psych. hospital has more admissions on and around full moons than any other time, so I'm guessing he'll say yes as he's a Consultant there.

I know also when I researched that there are more A & E admissions too generally around these times. xxxxx

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Tempestteapot, It is true. I'd be interested in what your psych says about it. I'm sorry you ended up in emergency last night. I hope things have settled down now although I remember being worn out the next day so try and take it easy today.

I too use to have not only a strong pain pill but a suppository for nausea as well which also had calming effect. Feel better and know you are not alone. xx


Are you aware that it's a full moon prior to googling it?

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I'm not trying to be a smart-ass, I promise.

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Lol okay... But yes I can tell it's a full moon without googling

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That definitely throws people off because your body doesn't want to shut down when it's really light outside. Me and my friends would always go out to the fields and party in the moonlight because it was just so inviting and fun. I still like to go out back and just kinda hang out and normalize it with the surroundings.

There is truth to higher energy levels during a full moon. There are a lot more hospital admissions, and violent tendencies (my dad is a 911 dispatcher and he always dreads full moon shifts). I have worked with many children with autism and you see that their symptoms become much worse during a full moon. It has something to do with energy levels from the light.

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