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I thought I share this because i am realizing that this method definitely has worked out for me. Sometimes, when I am in an anxiety stricken state, I go through extreme frustration...like I am just overly irritated on a 'HULK' type level. It's scary. Nonetheless, my therapist said that we usually feel negative feelings for a good 90 seconds before they start to come to pass. She suggested that when I am angry or frustrated, take 90 seconds and distract myself.... rather that be breathing or doing something to keep busy and watch the intense feeling past. Well, it is true for me and literally 90 seconds I don't feel as angry, irritated, or frustrated as I did prior.

I thought this was an interesting analogy and wanted to share.

Hope everyone is having a better day🤗

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Thank you for sharing :)

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Lalakeyss, I like that. I see a lot in those 2 words. We are programed with Anxiety, don't like it and just need to "Uninstall" :) xx

Make it a good day. thanks for sharing.

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