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confused by increased anxiety when parts of my body touch each other

This must be a very crazy thing as I have searched for hours and can not find anybody or anything talking about understanding.

I do have PTSD (yes, I am working with a therapist) experience several different elements of anxiety (from physical panic attack to emotional attacks). Sometimes I am just fine and seem to function almost normally, but then there are times when things are bad in just one area (like I will have the ball in my throat feeling or jitters) sometimes it is just emotional (like all of a sudden I am panicked or want to cry and have no reason that I know for it) and sometimes it's a combination of things.

What I am asking about today is even strange by my standards and it is something I have noticed mildly and occasionally for a long time, but seems to be happening a little more often lately. I seem to sometimes have a reaction to my own touch. It doesn't have to be my hands, it can even be my feet touching each other in bed or touching my other leg. Sometimes I will be trying to go to sleep and feel the anxiety building and realize it is because I am laying on my hand and my hand is touching my stomach. I try to ignore it and go to sleep because it is completely rediculous and crazy but I often have to change position so nothing is touching before it will settle down. I have even noticed that there are times when I have to try to keep my fingers apart and have pushed blanket between my fingers so they don't touch each other.

Is this a condition that is known or just a very strange aspect of my anxiety and does anybody have any idea why it would be happening? I am trying to not get built up about it and have tried to ignore it for a very long time, but the longer it goes on the stranger it gets and I would like an idea of if there is a reason it is happening.

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Hi confusedptsd, I saw your post earlier but also tried to do some research and came up with nothing conclusive. When first reading it, I felt it is a part of anxiety maybe an OCD. I would ask your therapist for her input. It is quite interesting what our anxious mind can come up with. xx


I would say OCD too. It's a unique anxiety symptom that you have it's just a uncommon one.

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thanks... I have come up with no information in my researching also. I am very familiar with OCD but that is not one of the issues I have ever personally dealt with. I know OCD is regarding strong impulses that things have to be a certain way, so I could see how that might fit. I just wish there was something or someone out there that had heard of or experienced something like it because it doesn't make sense to me.\

I have told my therapist and the thought is that it might be related to trauma memory, but I don't know because it doesn't seem to make sense anywhere.


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